Elevent Ceiling Diffuser

They may be smaller, but they tell a much bigger story

  • Low profile, elegant appearance
  • High performance directional airflow
  • Easily removed for cleaning
Designed and manufactured in Australia, the new Elevent range of low-profile ceiling diffusers maximises the performance of today’s high efficiency heaters and reverse cycle air conditioners. The result is cosy winter comfort from a sleeker, smaller diffuser complementing modern downlights and recessed light fittings. The cutting-edge design of the new Elevent range continues Paltech’s tradition as leaders of innovation in heating and cooling products.

Elevent ceiling diffusers are suitable for gas ducted heating, reverse cycle heating and cooling, air shifters and ventilation systems as a supply or return diffuser.

For gas ducted heating applications, installers have the opportunity of using multiple smaller outlets such as the 100mm model, instead of a single outlet, to provide improved distribution of warm air. Mulitple outlets provide the opportunity to strategically position the outlets to maximise heating effectiveness, such as near the two corners of a bedroom opposite the door.

Elevent has been designed to maximise the most important aspect of the diffuser – the airflow – and reduce the space requirments. Elevent was created with a low profile design. This gives it an elegant appearance that harmonises with down lights, recessed light fittings and other ceiling fittings.

The adaptor has optional butterfly dampers for system balancing on the 150 and 200m sizes and a blanking cap is available on the 100mm model to replace the diffuser when shut-off is required. The Louvred and Curved models have adjustable airflow direction that can be adjusted by the householder to provide draught free airflow within the living space. Elevent is the first ceiling diffuser that can be easily remove by the householder without tools for cleaning or when re-painting a ceiling.

Available in Three Colours and Styles.

  • 100 mm
  • 150 mm
  • 200 mm
  • White (standard)
  • Satin Chrome
  • Satin Gold
  • Jet
  • Louvred Adjustable
  • Curved Adjustable

Smoke Tests

Elevent Jet with warm air

100mm model
Warm air at 40 deg C (delta T of +20)
Flow rate 30 l/s

Notes: Smoke test of Paltech Elevent Jet round ceiling diffuser. Jet produces a narrow stream of air downwards with high throw which helps counteract the natural stratification of warm air.

Smoke Tests

Elevent Louvred with warm air

100mm model
Warm air at 40 deg C (delta T of +20)
Flow rate 30 l/s

Notes: Smoke test of Paltech Louvred adjustable ceiling diffuser. In this video, the warm air is directed towards a wall which assists the diffusion of the air along the floor and into the living space.